Trust me, You Matter!

Residential Buying / Selling

Trusted Advisor | Fireman | Deal Maker

Real Estate transactions are complex and every transaction is unique. You are unique and deserve someone that listens to you, delivers on promises, and gets creative when the going gets tough!



The process of selling a home has over 40 steps, I am your Sherpa on the journey.

Selling is emotional, complicated—sometimes for happy reasons—sometimes for unfortunate ones.

At the end of the day our goal is simple—sell your house for the highest value and lowest amount of grief.

How teaming with Weichert accomplishes this is nothing short of amazing! Six steps to success:

  • We are going to market your house so that it is irresistible!

  • We are going to intelligently market on the internet!

  • We are going to extend our reach from local to global!

  • We know Open Houses sell homes! In our care your house will be safe, secure, and inviting.

  • We have everything you need Under One Roof—Finance, Title, Insurance, etc

  • We know the right pricing sells houses—our proprietary pricing tools are second to none!

Selling your house is a full time job and Trust Me, You Matter!



Why am I different? Value!

I promise to listen intently to your wants and needs. We then match our list to your price point, home features and the markets targeted for purchase. I don’t stop there! I will preview targeted properties and not drag you to unsuitable properties.

Where is the value you ask?

  • My in depth understanding of all construction phases will save you time and money. How many agents have actually built homes? Repaired all home systems?

  • My knowledge of the local market place - lifelong resident of Morris County, well connected

  • My deep relationships with credible local contractors can help resolve deal issues or get you quality work done post closing—making your house a home.

  • My incredibly experienced team with 125 years of experience has huge knowledge reserves—our knowledge is at your disposal.

  • My Weichert team has it All-Under-One Roof—-Finance, Insurance and Warranty Services


Police - Fire - EMS - Military

As a Fireman I get it! The reality is Military, Police, Fire and EMS are different—you should be treated as such.

What does that mean? It means I know your schedules are difficult, accommodating shift work is in my blood.

It means you deserve someone who will fight hard for your needs, while still telling you as it is, you get enough lip service in your professions.

Most of all I understand how hard it is starting out in any of these professions. You are part of the community, but sometimes affording living where you serve is hard, or not even preferred.

I will listen to your needs, we will make a plan, and execute the plan—just like at work!

Thank you for your service and I look forward to exceeding your expectations!