What's in a Name Tag?


I know your time is valuable, thank you in advance for spending that time reading my blog.

This first blog post is selfishly about introducing myself, future posts will be of real value and perspective.  Stick with me!  This will be fun!

When I look at this name tag, it reminds me that just a few words can tell volumes. 

For instance, the word Amazon, does anyone envision South America? 

No, we think "one click shopping", Prime delivery and Alexa.  

Amazon, a word that now describes a tide shifting the world.  

So what is in my name tag?  

Let's start with Weichert

Jim Weichert’s story began almost 50 years ago with initiative, creativity, and the courage to take big risks.

Jim's lives by the motto "People First".   

Ask any agent about Weichert's training, they will say its industry leading. 

Ask any home seller if Weichert's Open House methodology works, they will say yes.

Ask any buyer and they will tell you the agents educated them on the process selflessly.

Weichert has grown to over 500 offices, yet has maintained "People First" mentality.

What does "People First" really mean?

  • Response to inquiries in minutes, not days

  • An proven internet strategy that is unrivaled in the industry - your listing matters

  • A place where buyers and sellers can get FULLY serviced "Under One Roof"

    • Mortgage

    • Title

    • Insurance

    • Home Protection

Let's talk about Mountain Lakes

An office with 100's of years of experience.

An environment where comradery and Weichert purpose lurk in every corner.

A location at the center of the North Jersey universe.

Let's talk about Glen Baker. 

A Trusted Advisor - Fireman - Deal Maker

A lifelong resident of Morris County.

A successful entrepreneur who founded and sold various companies.

Family man with 8 kids, 2 rescue dogs and love for the outdoors.

In your corner, we can take on the world.

Most importantly, a person who listens, reasons and cares.  

The name Glen Baker, is my reputation, my legacy, and what you can depend on.

Lastly, let's talk about Sales Associate!

Licensed in the state of NJ.

A student of a dynamic and ever changing real estate industry.

An agent who adds value:

  1. I have built a team of experts that solve problems

  2. Unrivaled residential construction experience

  3. Trained in Real Estate Photography

  4. Career built around Digital, Sales and Marketing

  5. Reviews and references spanning my complete career.

 A straight talker who won't be a yes man, fighting in your corner.

Thanks for enduring Blog 1, can't wait to share more value you soon.  Stay tuned!

Trust me, You Matter!

Next Blog Preview:

Giving back to our  Heroes is critical to me, stay tuned for a very BIG announcement soon!!!